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Dev — Introvert — Dad

I enjoy making useful stuff for the inhabitants of the interwebs ;)

['being a dad', 'podcasts', 'a good cup o\' joe', 'very spicy food', 'combat sports', 'hiking', 'caribbean music', 'kayaking', 'the ocean', 'calisthenics', 'weights', 'stoicism', 'british shows', 'finding beauty in simplicity', 'spending time in nature'];

['idleness', 'flying', 'snow', 'crowds', 'materialism', 'cult of celebrity', 'tribalism', 'ideologues', 'purists', 'politics', 'temperatures < 70°F' ];

['Getting Things Done', 'Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, So Good They Can\'t Ignore You', 'The War of Art, 'Clean Code'];

['software engineering', 'PHP development', 'JavaScript development', 'Node.js development', 'API development', 'Security & OAuth', 'basic devops & sysadmin tasks'];

{ code: [ 'JavaScript', 'TypeScript', 'PHP', 'CSS', 'HTML', 'SQL', 'bash', 'regex'], frameworks: ['Express.js', 'Angular', 'Laravel', 'Material', 'Bootstrap'], db: ['MySQL', 'MongoDB', 'PostgreSQL', 'Redis'] };

['Ubuntu', 'GCP, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean', 'security', 'Apache', 'Nginx', 'cron jobs', 'PM2', 'SSH', 'Docker', 'caching', 'reverse proxy'];

['enterprise', 'microservices', 'SOA', 'monolith'];

['OOP', 'MVC', 'MVP', 'DDD', 'TDD', 'CI/CD', 'SCRUM','AGILE', 'SOLID', 'ACID'];